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Pavement Maintenance

   Longevity of parking surfaces, while improving the overall
appearance of the pavement. A visitor to your property begins to
develop impressions as soon as they drive into the parking area.
Attractive parking areas,with fresh black surfaces,neat line striping
and well-maintained curbs go a long way to ensure that the first
impression is the right impression. Progressive pavement
maintenance makes good economic sense on both sides of the
balance sheet.

  Two critical elements in any pavement maintenance plan are the
regular sealing of cracks, to prevent water from penetrating to the is a
latex-based coaltar pitch emulsion fortified with latex rubber additives
and sand. It provides a durable barrier to both the elements and
fuel/oil leaks.

   Pot holes and breaks in pavement are  hazardous for pedestrians
and vehicles. We carry effective hot and cold patch materials that
correct pavement defects and fill pot holes in a variety of weather and
traffic conditions. A proper pavement repair will last for seasons to
come and ensure the safety of your customers and personnel.